Thursday, December 27, 2007

musings on a certain motorcycle

the streets are empty and its raining outside. I can hear the few cars passing by and sooner or later, i'll hear my brother's motorcyle (along iwth his friends'), loud enough to signal everyone within range that they have arrived at last. I find it funny how my brother came to love his motorcycle...He, who gets bored about everything, came to cherish an object that can neither respond to his careful touch nor love him back. inanimate objects do have that capability to extract love from its owner and even maintain it while doing nothing. A feeling of protectiveness comes upon my brother everytime his motorcycle is put up for scrutiny and comments. If the motorcycle sounds different, he checks it. If it looks ragged, he gives it a bath, if it's just stunningly beautiful after putting a new accessory, he adores it even, im just waiting for him to give it a name...

Its not as if his motorcycle is unique...sheesh, all of his friends got their own too...same style, same brand...but each loves its own...each is as protective...and each is as crazy about it.

oh well...if only taking care of people is as simple as taking care of a motorcycle...maybe the world would be less complicated. Ownership is based upon one's possessive feeling over the other. But of course this would mean that the world would be divided into two. The one who will own the other and the other who becomes "inanimate". The "owner" then can practice possesion over the other the way he/she deems it right. The owner can be gentle, abusive, be jealous, and be whatever...without the risk of having the other person acquiring an "opinion" ...or worst...have that opinion said to his/her face. The inanimate partner will just stay there. Will nod, smile, and just basically do whatever is expected without the difficulty of having to compromise anything because, for starters, being inanimate means being an "object"...and being an object is being without identity except for that character which the "owner" expects one to have. NO fights, no arguments, no misunderstandings...and best of real expectations...if th eowner discards the "object"...there is nothing the object can do. if the owner leaves the object for abuse...the "object" stays to bear the suffering. If the owner wants the "object" back...object is not even obliged to is expected that he'll be in the owner's custody again. NO shameful revelations of one's tantrums...none...there is no place for that.

what's the catch...

neither the owner nor the object achieves the total gratification one gets in a relationship. The relationship doesnt have to be founded in love (crap! i dont even think that thing exists) understanding and respect can be an example. But the point is...a thinking being needs to relate to a thinking being. a subject to a subject. That's brother, no matter how much he loves his motorcycle, leaves his motorcycle in the garage. He doesnt bring it to his room...he doesnt engage it in conversations...and he doesnt praise it outside the category beauty and efficiency. It is not a relationship. it will never be. my brother will always be superior and hte motorcycle couldn't care less. You cant invest feelings into a machine. It's cold and it's lifespan is often shorter than yours.

A person is more is a being full of contradiction. Often, he acts differently from his belief. Often he says something and does another thing. He forgets promises. He fails to be on time sometimes. He has a knack for getting in trouble. He sometimes chooses irrationally regardless of the fact that he's supposed to be a rational being...You can't cure him of his bad habits with a visit at the motor shop. You can't overhaul him when he's starting to act funny. No oil can make him do whatever we want him to do..unless he wants to amuse you...yet he can be bribed, cheated, and even cajoled with the best of metaphors and sweet nothings. He hurts the one he loves the most, tends to discard what is significant...and can be just blindly stupid sometimes. He makes up fantasies and tends to believe in it. He dreams and can even believe his own lies. and worst of all..he can get jealous over nothing and thus, ruin everything in the process. He is unsatiable...until he finds his own match.It's as if he lives to argue and is even in constant battle of himself.

Life should be a constant adventure or he loses interest. Life should be quiet or he goes mad. Life should be difficult or he grows up to uncaring. Life should be easy or he loses it. LIfe should be according to fancies. Life should be a set of rules. Life should be a rollercoaster ride. Life should be...

hmmm...thank God for life's complications...

although comes to a certain point that you feel life just so sucks that you'd be happy to become a motorcycle...unfeeling...uncaring...and just totally cold.

But its not worth it...come to think of it...i think i heard my brother telling my mom he wants a new motorcyle...a faster one...Now, it would really suck to live in a junk shop, aight?

hmm...i wonder if boggs' brought me a donut, just as he promised... ^.^