Thursday, December 13, 2007

eleven minutes

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photo by strawberryx3 from deviant art

as pablo cuelo described, the frame of time when one goes to bed with someone else, minus the courting, the laughter, the whispers, the taking off of the clothes, is eleven minutes.

the rush of having a stranger kiss you in the dark can sometimes block the rationality of the brain. the possibility of being naked with someone you can barely remember the face, challenges one's ability to make out the other's soul. the coldness of the damp air with your back against the even more cold wall awakens not only the senses but the heat of the body as it fights the ever-so righteous but adulterous morale of the society.

the adrenaline rush.that touch. that breath on the neck. that painful bite on the shoulder.that hot temperature due to the bodies' friction. that damp back. that exploring hand. that intrusive stare. that intensive need to release. that tension in the air. that perfume indicating the ancient dance. the casual moans. the biting of the lip. its too sinful to be noisy but its more evil to be silent.

one can only imagine what's going on in your mind, if your mind is working at all. with the windows and the doors as our portal towards purgatory that offer temporary physical bliss that might lead to many sleepless nights with the hope that the curtains are thick enough to mum the room of its shameful secrets...

after the rollercoaster ride to that place called lala land and back...what happens next? life is expensive on its own and casual intimate encounters is one premium add on that most people fantasize upon but few people can afford. After such encounter, one feels desirable and beautiful...but as time stretches, it leaves the soul barren, the mind curiously hanging, the stomach churning, leaving the person more lonely than ever.

how many eleven-minutes-moments can one have in a lifetime?five.ten.twenty.a hundred. sometimes you just can't get enough.

but sometimes...once can also be too much.

It is to be noticed that our era today is on a sex rampage. However, the earth's been on a sex rampage for millions and millions of years now...such reason for our survival. No certain moral implications can be colored on that reality. What is good or bad is mainly dependent upon which society you belong. The meaning of adultery and fidelity may vary depending upon the context of the group you embrace. You're circle of friends, buddies, enemies can only be defined by your choices. If you're seeing signs that you belong to the wrong group, it is suggested that you might want a change of company...the result may not be pleasant ---however, this might be what you need.


cathara said...

i havent read it yet. but sure its beautiful, worth reading, its pablo coelho's, so what else can i say.

13thWiTCH said...

i've learned to read PC's books many times. first, for hte story,a nd the other times is to decipher what it really means...

so nice to find a fellow PC addict ^.^