Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Feeling something wrong about something?

Do you ever have that feeling that something that shouldn't be happening is happening?
like your favorite dress getting ripped for no particular reason?
like your husband cheating on you?
like your bestfriend talking behind your back?
like that chocolate bar being stolen from your fridge?

That feeling that something, somewhere -- is just not right.

The thing with women's intuition, is that it's usually correct, especially when it's about your partner cheating on you. Am I not right ladies? we always have a sense that something is not right, regardless of the fact if he says he loves you everyday, every hour, every minute. Regardless if he kisses you everytime you come home...unexpectedly, you do't feel happy...jsut because...something's changed...all we have to do is wait to see that something...and usually, it's a girl, in mini skirt, high heels, and a make up that's more perfect than yours.

So what do we do? we often make them blurt it out, only to get screamed at, accused of, and just be told to that we are hurtful can that be. Don't they know that we can feel too? that we can sense difference if we are being "loved" differently these past few months?

So you don't love us anymore...why just not leave and save everybody the time and effort and humiliation. Leave and leave softly and gracefully. Just vanish without a trace after saying sorry that you floundered on your "till death do us part" vow.

So what I'm trying to drive at? your cold heart, i guess.

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